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yogyakarta to see_indrayanti beach

Indrayanti Beach

Unspoiled white sandy beach. Must be see while in Yogyakarta.

what to see in yogyakarta_borobudur temple

Borobudur Temple

The masterpiece, one of the seven wonders of the world.

prambanan temple_to see in Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple Complex

One of populer tourism spots in Yogyakarta.

Ratu Boko Ancient Kingdom Ruins

The masterpiece cultural heritage from Hindu Era of Indonesia.

beringharjo craft and batik traditional market

Beringharjo Crafts and Batik Market

Traditional market. Find various handmade souvenirs, crafts and batik products in low cost prices.

Yogyakarta downtown malioboro street

Malioboro Street

Down town of Yogyakarta where you can find the miniature of Indonesia.

yogyakarta to see_pindul cave

Pindul Cave

Cave with stunning scenery at southern Yogyakarta.

yogyakarta tour driver service

Hi. Welcome to my Blog.

Yogyakarta Driver,Yogyakarta tour guide driver,Yogyakarta multi language Driver,yogyakarta private tours,Yogyakarta tour package,Yogyakarta travel guide agents,Yogyakarta Airport Driver,Yogyakarta Car Rental driver. My name is Atok, as an Indonesian Tour Operator and Yogyakarta english speaking tour guide driver in Yogyakarta and Semarang (with COSTA VICTORIA Cruiser Ship,Holland America MS ROTTERDAM, and The World Cruise passangers). I will guiding you during your tour in Yogyakarta, Surakarta (Solo), tour in Semarang, or even in Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater. We also have business transport in Yogyakarta for many years and even though we have served a large number of satisfied customer, each new job or order is special to us and we do love to hear how we can assist to manage your tour. We well experienced in ground handling (private tour and big group/bus tour) for international tour and accompanying tourists from many countries to many destinations in Java.
Comfort, secure, trusty, hospitality, and as your yogyakarta tours and travel solution is my commitment in serving guests both Indonesian or foreign tourist in Yogyakarta-Semarang-Surakarta-Surabaya-Bromo-Ijen Crater. We have 5 yogyakarta english speaking drivers who ready to serve you, 5 cars, Van for 10 - 16 persons, Micro bus, and Bus.
We provided the best service with options : a) FULL YOGYAKARTA TOUR PACKAGE means we will manage your hotels,transport,tour guide,all entrance fees,and your lunch also dinner b) YOGYAKARTA RENTAL CAR AND TOUR DRIVER, and we will provide English Speaking Tour Driver and also all entrance fees.
To get in touch with us, simply leave us a message using our Contact Form page, and we will make sure to get back to you soonest.
With a glimpse of this information about me, I hope you do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your travel plans. Please you send your arrival and departure details, amount of passangers, and itinerary to: aswoto69(at) or directly contact me at numbers : +6281329478187

Monday, 29 September 2014

CETHO temple and SUKUH temple

Cetho temple and Sukuh temple are nice Solo tourist attractions on the Mount.Lawu that still fresh cold air. Both are Hindu temples in Indonesia that built in the end of the 15th century with a lot of ornaments, statues, and many symbols that describe society activities in that time. Paying attention to the details in every piece of relief then we will be able to view and understood the ancient Javanese society as part of the ancient world cultures. Both temples also are very impressive temples by mystical place that suitable to a cooling-off or self meditation. It can be connected from that situation which Majapahit royal conflic so people need place like Cetho temple for closing to their God in meditation.

ceto temple
yogyakarta driver ATOK with mr. Ruberu (Wollongong-Sidney), Sept'29 2014
cetho temple
Cetho Temple on Mount.Lawu, around 1.400 m ASL
ceto temple
frog statue in Cetho temple
Cetho temple has 13 temples terrace but fully restoration 1 - 9 terrace. 13 meanings to reflect 13 God manifestations like we can read at Hindu's book Lontar Wrhaspatti Tattwa. Cetho temple even in same periode with Sukuh temple Solo, but quite different than Sukuh temple. In Sukuh temple, we will seen many glory statue of God and many relief of Royal and their servant. So, from all statues and ornaments in Sukuh temple we can feel that this temple not for praying or meditation. Sukuh temple more as a respect temple for the King who has personification as God on earth.

Friday, 19 September 2014

KOPI BANARAN Java Ecotourism

KAMPOENG KOPI BANARAN area was an ecotourism that only takes 1 hour from Semarang. With ground on 600 ASL (above sea level),  one of the famous tour here are seeded Train Coffe Plantation Tour. You can surround the coffee plantations with the tourist train ride while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Along the way you will be treated to views of Swamp Dizziness (Rawa Pening), Mount Telomoyo, and when the weather is clear you can see Mount  Merbabu also. You better arrive here before noon after visit Gedong Songo Temple, the time when you need rest and relax after trekking the climb road to visit whole 9 temples on 9 hill terraces.
"Kampoeng Banaran" name based on the basic process of coffee, Banaran is a hamlet, precisely in the village of Jambu sub district Gemawang Semarang District. The place where the coffee processing plant stand red coffee fruit is processed into coffee beans ready for export (green bean). While Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is a coffee plantation area which is located in the Village District of Bawen Pickled Semarang regency.

coffee plantation in java
train coffee plantation for tour
coffee plantation in java
coffee plantation in java
coffee plantation in java
train tour - coffee plantation in java "Kampoeng Kopi Banaran", Semarang
Coffee kampoeng Banaran also provide lodging that can be used for rest and overnight. Location of the inn is located on the hilltop becoming more value with charming natural landscape. For this facility you have to confirm in advance for booking a reservation. 
To get in touch with us, please simply leave us messages to our Contact Form page or into our email : aswoto69(at), and we defenetely concern to get back to you soonest.

gedong songo temple
gedong songo temple

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Your first class holidays tour in Yogyakarta always be the first by complitely using Toyota Alphard luxury car series. This our new services for your first class tour in yogyakarta was Yogyakarta Tour Package by using the Toyota Alphard luxury car. 

sewa alphard di yogyakarta
Toyota Alphard
This car actually provides luxury travel, bringing exclusive image, excellent pride, for you who want a classy service. Car interior so exclusive like a plane cabin with driver-friendly, safe, and can be your travel companion that makes your tour more comfortable. You can compare your book for Alphard car through your place of stay with our services, but of course the price difference with our services even we can always competitive same services. We can offer best deal for this luxury car

We do not want a lot of say how is Alphard so luxury car, because you can see by yourself on the internet, the specifications or the facilities car available, and also the picture. Our services also to Indonesian who traveling to Yogyakarta and require Toyota Alphard. This car can also be your VIP business cars and also for weddings.

For the purposes of the use of the Toyota Alphard in Yogyakarta even for first class yogyakarta holidays service, for office needed, your pride business, or personal needed, please directly contact ATOK by sending an email to: aswoto69 (at) To get in touch with us, please simply leave us messages to our Contact Form page or into our email, and we concern to get back to you soonest.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


See the sunrise at Java, Indonesia was a pleasure and amazing sensation that unspeakable how the beauty they are. Many places in Java Island to enjoy the beauty of sunrise ranging from Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta, Peak of  Merapi Volcano in Yogyakarta, Setumbu Hill, Mount Sikunir in Dieng Plateau, Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and Ijen Crater. I will review some of the sunrise is generally desirable foreign tourists and make the name as JAVA SUNRISE TOUR PACKAGE.

You landed at Yogyakarta at noon, and directly continued to yogyakarta heritage tour to visit Prambanan Temple and Sewu Temple. After that, we straight go to Dieng Plateau and reach there around 10 PM. You will spend overnight at Dieng Plateau that allready close to Sikunir Sunrise.

dieng plateau sunrise
dieng plateau sunrise

dieng plateau sunrise
Mount Sikunir sunrise, at Dieng Plateau

Sunrise Sikunir that started at 4 AM until 6.30 AM. From Dieng sunrise tour we continue to visit Sikidang Crater, Color Lake, and Arjuna Temple Complex. After lunch time we start to go to Borobudur temple and be there until sunset. You will be spend a night at hotel in Yogyakarta.

After visiting Sultan Palace at 9.30 AM we will driving from Yogyakarta to Mount.Bromo, and will arrive (check in) at Mount.Bromo around 9 PM and spend over night.

Mount.Bromo sunrise started at 3 AM with hire Bromo adventure jeep and finished around 8.30 AM. After breakfast, shower, relax, then we continue driving to Ijen Crater. We will arrive at around crater at 3 PM. Here, we stay over night to prepare climbing tommorow to see blue fire crater that start at 2.30 AM.

java sunrise tour
ATOK - yogyakarta bromo tour guide driver

mount bromo sunrise
mount bromo sunrise - direction to go down the Bromo sea sand

mount bromo sunrise
mount bromo sunrise
Starting to climb peak of Ijen Crater at 2.30 AM with guiding by local guide to reach the Ijen Crater seeing amazing and spectaculer Ijen Crater blue fire sunrise. You will finished around 9 AM or 10 AM. Back to hotel for cleaning,shower,breakfast,and check out around 12 noon. We will go to hotel nearby Surabaya Airport and reach there around 7 PM. Finished all sunrise tour.

ijen crater view
ijen crater view
Check in departure flight at Surabaya Airport in early morning. ADIOS AMIGO ! Have a nice memory with sunrise tour with us.

For more complitely information and reservation, please soonest contact me (ATOK) by email to : aswoto69(at) We will make few email conversation to make same opinion about your trip plan then we make a nice deal between us ( you and me as your tour guide driver ). Tour with us make your cost tour in Java more efficient with same kind services as any tour agency,because we also had experienced many years to serve foreign tourist and local tourist went to those all sunrise tour in Java, Indonesia. So, to get in touch with us, simply leave us a message using our Contact Form page, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

yogyakarta tour driver ATOK
yogyakarta tour guide driver - ATOK

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Ulen Sentalu museum seem as exotic and unique building because it was built in the jungle at Kaliurang, Yogyakarta and blend with the trees around the museum building. Shady and cool atmosphere will make you relax enjoy room by room that guided by a officially museum guide. The museum is a place to store objects of ancient culture and cultural documentation of the Java Classical Periode to modern.

ulen sentalu museum
ATOK-yogyakarta driver at ulen sentalu museum with Hansi Loh, KL
ulen sentalu museum
ulen sentalu museum "House of Heaven" (Grya Kaswargan)

ulen sentalu museum
relief in Ulen Sentalu Museum
If you want to understand the culture of Javanese then visited Ulen Sentalu museum is the right choice. In Kaliurang area, in addition to the museum Ulen Sentalu, you can visit also the museum of volcanic Mount Merapi, so you will be able to know the history of this mountain activities through documentation and scientific visualization. We can make program for tour to Ulen Sentalu for you, combining with Volcano Museum, and then enjoying Mount.Merapi jeep adventure to see many nice scenery. Please don't hesitate to contact us by email to : aswoto69(at)

ulen sentalu museum
restaurant inside Ulen Sentalu museum

ulen sentalu museum
ulen sentalu museum
museum ulen sentalu yogyakarta
outdoor art in Ulen Sentalu Museum

ulen sentalu museum
ulen sentalu museum - room

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Chinese Temple in Semarang

 One of important and interesting sights to visit in Semarang is Sam Poo Kong chinese temple that also named "Sam Poo Thay Jin" and in Indonesia famous with name "Gedung Batu" chinese temple. Located in the southwest of the city of Semarang, 15 minutes from or to Semarang airport (Achmad Yani Airport). This temple at early year 1.500 AD was as a transitory and the first landing of a Moslem Chinese admiral named Zheng He / Cheng Ho.

gedung batu semarang
gedung batu, semarang

sam poo kong temple
Gedung Batu inscription

Building the main chamber of this temple is a stone cave. This cave believed to be the initial landing and the headquarters of Admiral Cheng Hoo and his men during a visit to the island of Java. Inside, visitors can see the statue that is believed sabagai statue of Sam Poo Tay Djien. Visitors also frequent ciamshie to be able to see a pilgrim luck in the future. 

This location can also be found altars and tombs of staff Admiral Cheng Hoo in Java, which is often visited by visitors to pilgrimage. Giving the name of the building / building is quite unique considering naming is based on objects from the ship. For example, Mbah Kyai Cundrik Bumi is where all types of weapons that are used to arm boat crew. Kiai / Nyai Tumpeng related to food on board and Kiai Djangkar put a ship's anchor. And Mbah Djurumudi that believed as the tomb of the helmsman ship. Building decorated with various paintings and sculptures depicting Cheng Hoo trip to Java including the two pillars on the surface of the main building.

The annual celebration of the landing Admiral Zheng He is one of the main agenda in the city of Semarang. The celebration begins with a religious ceremony at the Tay Kak Sie temple in Gang Lombok. After it was followed by a procession of the artificial statue of Sam Po Kong temple from Tay Kak Sie temple to Sam Poo Kong temple (Gedung Batu temple). The statue was then placed alongside the original statue of Sam Poo Kong.

sam poo kong temple
sam poo kong temple - front yard

gedung batu temple
Enjoying all building of Gedung Batu below the trees

gedung batu temple
Main yard with Zheng Ho statue

gedung batu temple
Zheng Ho statue

We as a tour operator in Semarang and Yogyakarta, made ​​a semarang private tour package  or big groups for you both come in Semarang by plane or by cruise ships like the Costa Victoria, Rotterdam, or The World Cruise Ship.

  1. One day Tour : after ship dock then meet us at 8 AM, we visit Sam Po Kong first (1.5 hours) then go to Borobudur. We will reach Borobudur around 1 PM, visit Borobudur 1,5 hours, then we start to Semarang port. We'll come to port around 5.30 PM.
  2. Two days Tour : same as number (1) then you stay overnight in downtown Yogyakarta. The next day we will visit Sultan Palace, Watercastle Tamansari, Prambanan temple, then we heading to Semarang port. If time permitted we can visit Fort Wilhem I Fortress in Ambarawa.
If you can invite your friends/other cruise passangers while sailing in cruise to joint tour so your cost would be more efficient (than private tour) and I will used Van (for 7 - 16 persons) or Micro Bus (17 - 30 persons). I could be so sure if your cost will be competitive than you used other operator, just try to make comparison before you choose which tour operator you like.
semarang tour driver
semarang tour driver-ATOK testimony
Please don't hesitate to contact us by send email to ATOK : aswoto69(at) We will respond your email shortly.

semarang tour driver testimony
semarang tour driver testimony - from THE WORLD CRUISE SHIP

semarang tour driver
ATOK - semarang yogyakarta tour driver

Sunday, 8 June 2014

yogyakarta - bromo - ijen tour package BY TRAIN

We offer tour packages Yogyakarta - Bromo-Ijen crater - Ketapang Port with alternative of moda transportation and competitive prices with nice service. This package is a travel services which you are starting from Yogyakarta to Ketapang port, by visiting Mount Bromo first, then Ijen Crater, and then ends at Ketapang Port. Travel with this package will use a train from Yogyakarta and then forwarded by the mode of transportation car until Bromo - Ijen - Ketapang Port.

Our commitment to satisfying the customer is not always a high price, and so is the low price is not always satisfactory. We will ensure that the price you pay will be balanced with the service you get, because the concept of our service is the convenience and satisfaction. Safety, comfort, and satisfaction with best price are the hallmarks of our service.

We offer a competitive price (low budget trip) with good service. Yogyakarta Driver ATOK, is the best partner in providing your travel solutions in Java, Indonesia. Make sure you are on the right tour operator to handle your trip in Indonesia and make sure you travel in Indonesia has become one of the beautiful memories for you and your family or friends. This package is not a private tour, so you will be traveling along with other tourist who also wore our this tour packages.

yogyakarta to bromo driver
yogyakarta to bromo driver
ijen tour driver
ijen crater tour driver
yogyakarta bromo ijen tour
release Anthony and friends from Vietnam at Ketapang Port, Banyuwangi
The details are :



Day 01  
Jogjakarta / Departure at 07:30 am  by Train   => 9 hours (Probolinggo) 15:10 pm Arrival
Jogjakarta / Departure at 09:00 am  by Train   => 9 hours (Probolinggo) 18:10 pm Arrival
Cemoro Lawang/ over night at Bromo

Days 02
Hotel / leave at 03:30 am  by jeep to view point    => around 30-40 minutes
Bromo Crater / walk or ride Horse but does not include the cost of the package.
Hotel / Departures  at 09 :00 am by Mini Bus to Sempol  Village   => 7 hours / arrrive Hotel

Days 03
Sempol  Village / Departures  at 04:00 am  by Mini Bus to Paltuding Post / Ijen crater.
Paltuding Post   >Trekking 3 kilometers / 1,5 hours  Ijen crater
Paltuding post / leave at 11:00 am by Mini Bus  => 3 hours  Ketapang Harbour by Ferry to Bali.

Tipe Hotel:
Package : A         Price IDR 950 K per-person
Hotel     : Nadia – Sukapura Permai, Yoshi – Sion
Facilities (Private Bathroom Hot shower / cold shower + Breakfast)

Package: B          Price IDR 1.100 K per-person
Hotel     : Cemara Indah – Café Lava – Bromo Permai
Facilities (Privat Bathroom Hot shower / cold shower + Breakfast)

Package: C          Price IDR 1.325 K  per-person
Hotel     : Lava View – Java Banana
Facilities (Privat Bathroom Hot shower / cold shower + Breakfast)
Specially for Ijen : Arabica – Katimur
Not Included : Lunch – Dinner – Donation.

Alternative Train :
  • Probolinggo, Departure, 11:15 am Surabaya 13:15 pm Arrival
  • Probolinggo, Departure, 11:15 am Banyuwangi 13:15 pm Arrival
  • Probolinggo, Departure, 11:45 am Malang 13:45 pm Arrival
Tour included :  

  1. Hotel pick up service one hour before departure (your hotel in downtown Yogyakarta), 
  2. Hotel / breakfast
  3. Bromo jeep 
  4. Ijen entrance fees.
Not included : Bromo entrance fees
with send confirm booking to : aswoto69(at)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Ijen Crater, Java Blue Fire Crater

Ijen Crater, Java is one of the most amazing volcanoes in Indonesia. This volcano with blue lava located in Bondowoso, East Java. Ijen Crater is an acidic crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen, 2.368 meters above sea level with a depth of 200 meters and the area of the lake crater reached 5.466 hectares. Mount Ijen Crater is the biggest crater lake in the world. With color bluish green lake, a cold enough temperature typical of the mountains and the scenery is very beautiful and enchanting so it is fitting that Ijen crater is an very exotic adventure tourist destination in Java, both for local or foreign tourists.

ijen crater, java
Ijen Crater
To begin climb to Ijen crater you should start heading Paltuding Post (last parking area) on the slopes of Mount Ijen. Ijen crater temperatur quite cool in early morning. From here you will climb (hiking) for about 1.5 to 2 hours – depend on your stamina. On the way tourists will meet many sulfur traditional carrier, which is also the traditional miners. 
ijen hiking start point
ijen hiking trails start point
ijen crater hiking trails
with Australian guest at Ijen Crater hiking trails

ijen hiking trails
Ijen hiking trails, around 30 degrees

ijen crater hiking trails
ijen crater hiking trails 20 minutes before Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater hiking trails
Ijen Crater hiking trails, you almost come to greatest moment crater view!! 

Ijen traditional miners carrier
Ijen traditional miners carrier, heavy : 70 - 90 kg

ijen coral sulfur
Ijen traditional coral sulfur mining
Furthermore, tourists will arrive at the crater rim, travelers here will see the lake covered in mist and sulfur fumes. At the bottom of the crater, tourists can see the location of the sulfur traditional mining. Other sights can be seen is a fumarole which forms a mound of molten bright yellow. The mound of rock sulfur is usually taken out with a crowbar to further transported out. We recommend tourists to visit attractions crater in really early morning because the scenery is really exotic. For travelers who are familiar with the challenges can enjoy the blue flame (blue fire) of sulfur mining in realy early morning (start from Paltuding around 2.30 AM).

homestay at Ijen Crater
homestay at Paltuding Post, Ijen Crater

At Paltuding Post, there are room rent cost around IDR 150 K – 200 K per night or three-bedroom villa for around IDR 500 K per night. From here you live up to the crater of Mount Ijen waiting time of the morning start. So, if you want to stay overnight at Ijen better you reach Paltuding maximum at 6 PM then you have enough rest time for climb to see exotic crater Ijen. Paltuding Post also have many local Ijen Crater guide who will assist you to climb, take care of you, and also can take your property that might make heavy. Me my self do recommend this because the line trekking was quite dangerous in a dark. 

Ijen Crater, Java
Ijen Crater, Java

Ijen Crater, Java
Last Hiking Trails at Ijen Crater...You Make It !!!!
You want to go to Ijen Crater in East Java? Wherever you are, we will give you kindly advise how you will reach Ijen though you are guest from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Germany, USA, Nederlands, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, etc. We invite you to contact us immediately "yogyakarta ATOK driver" via email: aswoto69(at) or contact us directly at the number +6281329478187.

paltuding post for start hiking to Ijen crater
paltuding post for start hiking to Ijen crater

yogakarta driver ATOK
yogakarta driver ATOK
other comments :

yogyadriver comments
yogyadriver comments

Twan T.Ververs has recommended you on LinkedIn
Twan T.Ververs tgv.-knd.-gerechtsdeurwaarder bij Hafkamp Gerechtsdeurwaarders
May 24, 2014 8:01 PM
Twan T.Ververs has recommended your work as tour guide at abhiseka tour and car rental.
This recommendation is visible in your profile.
Dear aswoto,
Ik heb deze aanbeveling van uw werkzaamheden geschreven zodat u deze kunt delen met andere LinkedIn-gebruikers.

Details of the Recommendation: "Ik heb Atok ingeschakeld om een tour te maken van Jogyakarta via Ambarawa naar Semarang.Hij is een zeer goede chauffeur in het hectische verkeer op Java en weet veel van dit gebied vanwege zijn opleiding en het feit dat hij in Semarang woonachtig is. We hebben een geweldige dag met hem gehad waarin alles kon en niks moest. En dat alles tegen een zéér schappelijke prijs !. Als iemand een tour wil maken in en om jogya kan ik hem zéér aanbevelen. The best you can get !!."
Service Category: Tourguide en chauffeur
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

yogyakarta massage and spa

Pamper your tired body, after traveling on tour in Yogyakarta with a massage or spa is the one of colors of the tour itself. In addition to tourism, culinary, adventure tour, then a massage. Find best massages in Yogyakarta with harm hands in profesional best massages.

yogyakarta massages and spa
yogyakarta massages and spa

As one of the tour operators in Yogyakarta, we (yogyakarta tour driver) realized that needed and recommend it into your schedule to enjoy a best massage in Yogyakarta after few days traveled in Yogyakarta. The place that we recommend for your body massage or spa in "Griya Bugar". With friendly service, best massage technique, where luxury but at an affordable price, you will be able to find back your physical fitness after a tired day of activities. To get in touch with us, simply leave us a message using our Contact Form page, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 100% my guests satistified with "Griya Bugar", below I puted several of comments from them :

yogyadriver comments
yogyadriver comments
see also :
From: Terence Lam
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 1:25 AM
To: 'aswoto subandoro'
Subject: RE: Trip to Yog on 22nd April - 25th April

Dear Atok,

Sorry for the wait but its only now that I find my strength to write this email. Been a tiring but very productive so far.  I would say that what we visited throughout the 4 days would not be possible without your professionalism and good planning on time. Also quite amaze at how you can drive long hours through roads with such unimaginable conditions. Certainly a man of the outdoor.

Below are some summary and comments on the places visited :

1. Prambanan temple --  > quite interesting and covers a very big piece of park as well. The Hindu temple was a great sight but we missed the Sewu temple due to some confused walks and signboard. When we realize this, it’s already too far too walk back.
 2. Marliboro street --- > Great bazaar but really too long stretch and hard to cover all shops + outlets. Most of them selling similar items making it harder to find unique stuffs. Quite similar to the night markets in Bangkok.
 3. Sultan palace and Taman Sari -- > Quite enjoyable beca ride around the palace area and also the recreational ground of the Sultan. But kinda hot to visit during noon hours though.
 4. Borobudur Temple --- > A great wonder of the world really. Amazing structure and sight. The steps are too tough for me to climb up but I might bring my children to climb it next time.
 5.  Mount Merapi -- > Jeep ride was really beyond my expectation. Felt like crossing some impossible terrains. Very good experience and closest encounter with a live volcano. The only disappointment was myst too heavy and blocked off most view of Merapi. And also we couldn’t get closer to it.
 6. Dieng Plateau ---  > Excellent place especially the coloured lake. Weather is ok too except for the short rain which disrupted the temples visit.
 7. Massage at Griya Bruga --- >  Great massage and reasonable rate.  I’d like to visit again for sure.
 8. Ramayana Ballet -- > Story and play is interesting. Buffet food is good too. Rate for food is reasonable but slightly on the high side for the show though considering the place is open air.
 9. Chocolate Factory --- > A lot of varieties and price is reasonable too. We bought quite a lot but have yet to try or give to friends yet as souvenir. I’m not sure whether they have a tour of the chocolate factory or whether anybody will show us the manufacturing process etc or we are just there to buy the chocolates though. So was a bit confused at first.


shiokkopitiam KL


Hi Pak Atok,

Greetings from Singapore. Am suffering from some food poisoning (contracted from Singapore) but recovering. Hope you are doing well!
Very much enjoyed your hospitality throughout the 4 days in Jogjakarta. Thank you for the very good recommendations as well - from dining to places of interest. We were very well taken care of.

Some reviews: 

- Lunch on Fri 24/1 near Prambanan - Good and unique location by the river - many guests will enjoy this experience as it is quite refreshing and not something we get to have every day. Food wise, only average though. Have eaten better nasi goreng elsewhere.
- Dinner on Fri 24/1 - Gudeg Yu Djum - Decent recommendation with good food. 
- Lunch on Sat 25/1 - Bakmi Kadin - Very good food. However, the place lacks ventilation and can be quite uncomfortable for some guests. May be good to recommend a place which is more comfortable. If there is no better bakmi place, I would do a takeaway order of bakmi from here.
- Dinner on Sat 25/1 - Sekar Kedaton - The best meal we had in Jogja. Enjoyed the location with good food, great dessert and nice ambience.
- Lunch on Sun 26/1 - At the restaurant run by one Prince - Decent food. However, cleanliness of the place might be an issue with flies.
- Dinner on Sun 26/1 -  Cupuwatu Resto - Good food, clean place with good dessert. Highly recommended.
- Bakpia Djava - Very good recommendation - my friends have enjoyed the bakpia. 

- Griya Bugar Spa - Also very good recommendation - clean, comfortable and affordable massage with good masseurs.  

- Borobudur - A must-see. Very well arranged from timing of departure from hotel etc. Attached is a photo I took while I was up there. No sun, but full of mist. 

Will be back in Jogjakarta in future, and will definitely look for you.

Best Regards,
Andrew Chow  (Feb 1st,2014)